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Kaswell End Grain Wood


 Kaswell Flooring Systems is a family owned and operated business, specializing in end-grain wood block flooring for over 70 years. 

End Grain Wood Floors

Cobblewood End Grain Blocks

   From its industrial roots in factory flooring, Kaswell Flooring Systems has developed exquisite wood products that are not only functional but striking in their design and beauty.   

End Grain Walls & Decor


Since 1946 Kaswell Flooring Systems have been pioneers in recognizing the beauty of End Grain Woods in residential and commercial design.

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End Grain Floors Prefer Gentle Care!

End Grain Floors DO NOT benefit from Wet Mop cleaning.  

Oil Finished Floors benefit from regular, gentle Natural Soap Spray and Refresh Spray Care with WOCA Natural Products that we can ship to you directly.  


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Email our END GRAIN AFTERCARE specialist, Meredith Kilpatrick mkilpatrick@kaswell.com